About Us

Alpha 7 is an Israeli precision engineering company located in Yakum Industrial Park, Israel.
We specialise in the manufacture of precision milled components. We have a high reputation for consistent quality and service. Alpha 7 is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Israeli Standards Institute and by IQ Net in the production of parts, components and advance systems for the defence, security and high-tech industries. We are a registered supplier to the Israeli Ministry of Defence and Police force

Contact Us

Alpha 7 Limited
Administrative address
PO Box 20 Rishpon
Israel 4691500

T: +972 (0) 9 773 7771
F: +972 (0) 9 773 7772
Fax to Mail: +972 (0) 72 33 77 424
E: info@alpha7-sys.com



Backpack Generator

Alpha 7's innovative lightweight family of portable multi fuel power generators can be carried by one operator either in a backpack providing hands free mobility or as a trolley where there is an available hard surface
Designed for outdoor or indoor use this generator produces between 1KVA to 4.2 KVA of AC electricity output, using a choice of power generating technology

Tactical Ladders

With covert operations in mind, our Tactical Ladders are designed for silent operation, fitted with rubber wall pads and rubber base. Our Tactical Ladders are lightweight, strong and user friendly and are deployed in seconds
When folded our Tactical Ladder measures only 1.1m (3.3ft) long x 0.4m (1.3ft) wide x 0.40 (1.3ft) deep and can easily be carried in our specially designed backpack
Alpha 7's Tactical Ladders can connect to other Tactical Ladders increasing operational heights: Aluminium and or Magnesium up to 9.9m (32.5ft) and Carbon up to 11.5m (37.5ft)
Our Tactical Ladder comes with a hooking-in device for attaching to vertical obstacles, and or a wheel guided hook type accessory. Also our Tactical Ladders can be quickly configured for crossing barbed wire fences

Tactical Bridges

The M27 Light Tactical 27 Metre (88.5 ft) Water Obstacle Bridge, packs into 10 backpacks and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes. It is suitable for rapid flowing water obstacles. When fully extended the bridge can easily support the crossing of 5 fully equipped soldiers/emergency services personnel at spaced intervals at any given time
Our M27 Tactical Bridge is also highly suited as an emergency device for search and rescue agencies
Transportable in man portable backpacks by soldiers/emergency services personnel or folded and loaded in a medium sized van, pickup truck, or 4X4 vehicle. The bridge is also suitable for crossing and or performing emergency rescue operations from frozen rivers where the ice has cracked and collapsed, or as a device to rescue stranded people in flood stricken areas. Total Bridge System Weight – 300kgs

The M7 Light Tactical 7 Metre (23ft) Bridge is designed to enable ground or urban gap obstacles to be crossed safely and effortlessly
Extremely strong and light weight the M7 Light Tactical Bridge will support up to 450kg (992Lbs) of weight at it's centre
The M7 Light Tactical Bridge is 3.5m (11.5ft) long when folded securely containing the 3 guide/rail pipes. Once the crossing point has been selected the bridge is unfolded and the 3 guide/rail pipes are locked into each other, the guide/rail pipe is pushed or lifted and slowly lowered to the other side of the trench/canal/etc., the bridge is then pushed over the guide/rail pipe aided by a set of angled guide wheels all the way to the opposite side. Once in position the M7 Light Tactical Bridge is ready for crossing. The M7 Light Tactical Bridge can be carried on an armoured or soft skinned vehicle or hand carried by 4 soldiers/personnel


Universal Tactical Marker System - UTMS

Designed for tactical marking of helicopter landing sites (HLS) in operational and / or emergency situations. The UTMS includes all the equipment an operator needs to mark out an emergency HLS and is carried in a compact MOLLE pouch and is suited from small size patrol formations / small emergency services team upwards
The UTMS's torches have an IR function which allows an HLS to be marked out on the ground where poor visibility or tactical night conditions dictate. The UTMS also contains a fluorescent signal panel for use in daytime